Christian Mendoza is a New York City-based painter from Nicaragua whose paintings draw from the experiences of his homeland and the influences of New York City and Miami. Mendoza was born in 1972, the year a tremendous earthquake flattened Nicaragua's capitol. His father Gilberto Mendoza, a respected architect involved in rebuilding the city, inspired Mendoza to first draw and paint. When his family moved to the Bronx in the 1980's, Mendoza began to develop a style that combined the architectural draftsmanship he learned from his father with the new inspirations of letters, faces, and forms that then covered the subways of New York City. Mendoza later moved to Miami, where he attended the Center for Media Arts and drew further influences of the cities colors and forms. With great dedication he continued his study of world alphabets, color, and movement as well as the work of Matta, Kandinsky, Miró, and Frank Lloyd Wright. Mendoza returned to New York in 2000, where he now lives and works in a range of styles that culminate all the influences of his early development.

Strongly rooted in architectural drawings, machines, and Central and North American Indian art, Mendoza has developed a unique language of spiky, angular symbols that blend the natural and mystical folklore of his childhood with the density and chaos of urban life. His paintings are grounded with descriptive line work that creates a sense of movement and energy. A visual manifestation of the sonic combinations found in early Hip-Hop mix tapes and performances emanate from his surfaces.

As a founding member of the Inkheads and an influential member of the Barnstormers, Mendoza has been involved in collaborative art making for over a decade. Painting live with musicians and other artists publicly has been a vital part of his process. He has created a large body of painting, drawing, film, and sound work. Mendoza has been commissioned by Altoids (Brooklyn & Miami), GASBOOK, the Micranots, Nissan, Moist Music, The Creek South Beach Hotel, and is in the collections of performers such as Bobbito, KRS ONE, and Yuta-man. Mendoza's work has appeared in media such as V Magazine (Visionaire), Interview, STYLE and the Family Tunes, Berlin, NewYork1, RES Magazine, Educated Community, Tokion, and Relax Magazine.

January 2004 Indelible Memories, DYZ-EXP, Tokyo
September 2003 Everyday Garabatos, bOb, New York

April 2005 Serendip, White Box Gallery Chelsea, New York
December 2004 Pictography with Stefan Ruiz, Rostarr, Jose Parla, The Marlin Hotel, Miami
December 2004 Small Works by Big People, thirtynineHotel Gallery, Honolulu
November 2004 By the People, For the People, Transport Gallery, Los Angeles
September 2004 Better Tomorrow, Supreme Trading Annex Gallery, Brooklyn
August 2004 Small Works by Big People, Candela Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico
July 2004 The Barnstormers, SECCA Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem
June 2004 Unseen Messages, Transport Gallery, Los Angeles
April 2004 Experiment Surf Shop, DYZ-EXP, Tokyo
November 2003 Universal Appeal, COlab, Brooklyn
August 2003 Bazaar, Cuchifritos Art Gallery, New York
June 2003 Wall of Fame, Public Mural Project, Miami
April 2003 Punch Gallery, San Francisco
February 2003 Billboards, HM Gallery, New York
December 2002 Chance by Choice, Art Basel, Miami
August 2002 Apostrophe Film Project, Brooklyn
May 2002 Working People, Binghampton, NY
March 2002 Extensions of the Spectacle, Albion Miami
October 1999 113 Gallery, New York
September 1999 The Modern Primitive Gallery, Atlanta
April 1999 113 Gallery, New York


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